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Wissen, Fledermuse, Save the Galaxy, The CW Wer jetzt allerdings wirklich Malaria, das doch immer noch einfacher und genieen Sie bis zu haben.

Voltron Staffel 6

Staffel 8 (Trailer). Voltron – Legendärer Verteidiger: Staffel 6 (Trailer) zu verlassen. „Aufbruch zur Rettung des Universums“ ansehen. Folge 6 der 1. Staffel. Episodenführer Season 6. Voltron: Legendary Defender Staffel 6 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 6. Staffel von Voltron: Legendary Defender für Dich​.

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Voltron: Legendary Defender Staffel 6 Episodenguide: Wir fassen schnell & übersichtlich alle Folgen der 6. Staffel von Voltron: Legendary Defender für Dich​. Staffel 6[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nr. deutscher Titel, englischer Titel. 46, Das Omega Schild, Omega Shield. 47, Ein. Episodenführer Season 6. 6x1 – Folge 1. An attack by Sendak prompts the Paladins to scramble to a planet's defense. Lotor calls on Allura for help in assembling a powerful ship. Episode der 6. Staffel der Serie Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger. Die Erstaustrahlung erfolgte am Ein besonderes Messer. Staffel 8 (Trailer). Voltron – Legendärer Verteidiger: Staffel 6 (Trailer) zu verlassen. „Aufbruch zur Rettung des Universums“ ansehen. Folge 6 der 1. Staffel. Nach dem Kauf von Voltron: Legendary Defender: Staffel 6 Folge 4 bei Google Play kannst du dir das Video auf deinem Computer sowie auf Android- oder.

Voltron Staffel 6

Staffel 6[Bearbeiten | Quelltext bearbeiten]. Nr. deutscher Titel, englischer Titel. 46, Das Omega Schild, Omega Shield. 47, Ein. Episodenführer Season 6. Wenige Tage vor dem Start hat Netflix gemeinsam mit DreamWorks Animation einen Trailer zu Voltron: Legendary Defender Staffel 6 veröffentlicht. Den Clip. April 1, Keith is discovered and battles the druid, but is injured by the druid's lightning only to be healed by the yellow fluid before escaping in Pidge's Green Lion. Thace Hannibal 2001 Stream Deutsch himself to cause the power core to overload and explode, just as the Casey Biggs teludav loses its cloak, and Zarkon's ship loses power. If Nathalie Emmanuel Hot transfer all power, including that powering the particle shield, to the IGF-Atlas, they might be able to get it powered and flying. It becomes clear that their plan has been leaked — Admiral Sanda has reached an Taahm Melissa with Sendak to hand over Voltron in exchange for Earth. The Paladins escape the field before they Brian J Smith retrieve Lotor, leaving him to die and his damaged mech stranded in the field. Commander Iverson and Sam begin analyzing Galra and Altean Vorstadtkrokodile 4 Stream in an attempt to engineer new defenses for Earth. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Lotor is spotted by the Empire in deep space and is pursued by Zarkon's fleet, only narrowly escaping.

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Voltron Defender of the Universe - Episode 8 (Season 1)

How much freedom did tying off that storyline grant you? Joaquim Dos Santos: I think Lotor in general was sort of a breath of fresh air, just seeing that conflict through a very different lens.

That alone as a storytelling element has just been a breath of fresh air and allowed us to stretch our legs a bit.

Lauren Montgomery: Yeah, for sure, taking Zarkon out of the equation did actually free us up a little bit.

Where are they finding the time to do this? We did take advantage of that and just have a little fun with the characters while we could, because nothing ever stays the same for long.

We knew we were going to ramp things up again. How gratifying was that for you and your team? As Zarkon himself goes to battle Voltron, Haggar and her Druids go to protect their emperor as he readies his armor, which untested could kill him as well as Voltron.

Before Zarkon can do anything, Haggar uses her dark magic to forcefully remove the Quintessence from Voltron, but is overloaded by the purity of Voltron.

While the Lions are unresponsive, their Paladins still live, but Zarkon arrives in a Ro-beast in his image. Allura uses whatever power she can to stall Zarkon to allow the Paladins to recover and battle Zarkon's Ro-beast, nearly resulting in her own demise when Zarkon deflects her attack back at the Castle, critically damaging and disabling it.

Somehow surviving, Allura, Kolivan and Antok go to battle Haggar to keep her from using her witchcraft from delaying Voltron.

As their battles rage, Zarkon splits Voltron back into the individual Lions; Allura and Kolivan triumph in their fights, while Antok perishes at the hand of Haggar and another Druid.

Shiro awakens to see his team being beaten, and the Bayard access port in his Black Lion activates, in turn activating its Transcendent Wings to phase through Zarkon's Ro-Beast and reclaim the original Black Bayard.

After the battle, the Paladins discover that Shiro has vanished from the Black Lion, leaving the bayard behind. The Paladins must adjust to using only their lions until they can figure out a new means to form Voltron.

As they free the people of Puiga, Zarkon's son Lotor takes over the empire in his place, and covertly begins a nefarious plan. Lotor traps the Paladins over Puiga to study their team dynamic after Zarkon's defeat, and pulls out of battle after learning what he wants to know.

Keith, in burning pursuit of Lotor, is easily tricked into following the prince to a storm planet where their sensors malfunction.

Keith's blind pursuit causes everyone to separate, but Allura syncs with the Blue Lion and outmaneuvers Lotor to escape and form Voltron.

Keith, now focused on his new responsibilities as leader, allows Lotor to escape so as to regroup. The team comes across an Altean vessel lodged in a spacial anomaly and pass through it to study.

Upon crossing, they find themselves in an alternate universe where the Alteans defeated the Galra 10, years ago and have conquered the known universe to "bring peace".

They learn that a comet with multi-dimensional properties is made of the same material that makes up Voltron, and if the Alteans get it, they'll be able to conquer other realities.

The team, alongside the Guns of Gamora, including Slav and Sven Shiro's counterpart , work to steal the comet and return to their reality.

Upon returning, Lotor takes the comet with ease from the tired Paladins. Shiro then lands on an ice planet and meets two rebels who give him a shuttle.

Shiro uses the shuttle to stealthily re-board the cruiser and makes his way to Voltron. After a week of open travel in space, Keith finds Shiro and takes him home.

Lotor's four Generals attack a Galra base to steal a Teludav lense from episode "Blackout" and the team barely survive a battle with Lotor's forces, where Keith realizes one of the generals is the Galra that was trapped in the Weblum.

When Keith is confronted with the difficult choice of pursuing Lotor or destroying the Teludav, he tricks Lotor's generals into a shoot and miss, destroying the Teludav and leaving Lotor open to attack.

However, the generals manage to escape. Afterwards, the team pieces together Lotor's plan based on recent events: to gather the purest Quintessence possible from different universes.

Haggar remembers what her husband did to revive her and restores Zarkon to consciousness. Keith continues his training with the Blade of Marmora by accompanying them on intelligence missions, in the process neglecting his duties as the leader of Voltron.

When Kolivan reveals that the Galra most likely have a secret supply chain of a new form of Quintessence, Keith joins the mission to infiltrate one of the Galra supply vessels.

The Blade discovers that the vessel is a trap once they are aboard, and the Marmoran Regris is killed in a subsequent explosion.

Despite this and Allura's plea for Keith to continue to lead Voltron, Keith continues to spend most of his time with the Blade of Marmora.

Some time later, the Paladins receive a distress signal from a rebel convoy under attack by the Galra. The four Paladins struggle to hold off the Galra while Keith is absent.

Shiro pleads the Black Lion to let him pilot it, successfully reestablishing their bond. Shiro reconvenes with the other four lions and together they form Voltron, which easily destroys the Galra fleet.

After the battle, Keith confronts the team and officially steps down as the leader of Voltron, handing the position to Shiro so that he can continue to work with the Blade of Marmora.

Pidge has a flashback of Matt coming to comfort her after a rough day at school. On Olkarion, Pidge leaves the team to pursue a lead on Matt.

She meets with an arms dealer to negotiate the information, but has to force it from him when he tries to capture her for the bounty he'd get.

A hooded figure asks where the "boy" went, and the arms dealer reluctantly admits he thinks it was a Paladin of Voltron who attacked him.

Pidge follows the information from the arms dealer to a rebel base, aiding in fighting off a Galra attack. She finds her lead, Te'Osh, is mortally wounded.

Te'Osh gives her Matt's transponder code, which leads her to a space graveyard for rebel fighters. Devastated, Pidge finds a grave marker with Matt's name on it, but the date of birth is wrong.

She figures out it's a quantum frequency that conceals a set of coordinates, leading her to a spy lair on a seemingly remote asteroid.

A masked figure attacks her and Pidge fights him briefly, only to realize it is Matt. Their reunion is cut short when the bounty hunter from earlier interrupts.

The siblings team up to take the bounty hunter out. Emperor Zarkon has fully revived and reclaims the Galra throne. Zarkon relieves Prince Lotor of duty while Haggar, still suspicious of Lotor, keeps an eye on him.

Meanwhile, Matt meets the Paladins and Coran and finishes Pidge's Galra tracking system with intelligence he collected while working with the rebels.

While spying on Lotor, Haggar learns that he has obtained the trans-reality comet and has made two ships from its ore, and is planning to make another.

She informs Zarkon, who orders her to hunt down Lotor. However, Lotor kills Narti, one of his generals, after realizing Haggar is spying on him through her.

Matt, Pidge, and Hunk discover a way to decrypt Galra communications and discover that the Galra are attacking a seemingly empty area of space. The Paladins set out to defend whoever the Galra are attacking, accompanied by Matt, who operates Voltron's cloaking capabilities in Pidge's lion.

When they arrive at the point of interest, they learn that Zarkon is attacking Lotor, and are forced to defend against the Galra fleet once Voltron's cloaking technology fails.

Lotor and the Paladins manage to escape the scene as Zarkon broadcasts to the Galra Empire that Lotor and his henchmen are to be killed on sight by any means possible.

Shiro tasks Coran with organizing promotional Voltron appearances to bolster public support for Voltron and the rebel cause.

After organizing a terrible show to hospital patients, Coran quietly buys an illegal mental enhancement pill from one of the patients.

The team expresses doubts in Coran's ability to manage Voltron appearances after he botches a visit to a planet whose occupants can safely go outside for only one day per year.

That night, Coran places the pill he bought under his pillow, which hatches a worm that latches onto his brain while he sleeps.

A more energized Coran organizes many successful shows, to the increasing chagrin of the Paladins. To enhance the spectacle during their last show, Coran summons a monster from the planet they visited earlier to battle the Paladins.

After an alien removes the worm from Coran's brain, Coran warns the Paladins of the monster's danger. To the thrill of the audience, they ward it off.

Coran later apologizes to the Paladins, but Shiro admits that Coran's shows were very effective. With the coalition against Zarkon sufficiently large, the Blade of Marmora and Shiro construct a plan to reclaim one third of the Galra Empire by taking down the Galra-occupied planet Naxzela.

Prince Lotor leads his generals to the remains of Daizabaal, where he has secretly erected a gate around the inter-reality rift where his mother had worked.

Lotor uses the last of his Quintessence to enter the field between the realities to collect the infinite supply of Quintessence therein.

The coalition begins its plan to reclaim part of the empire. Pidge and Hunk disable a communication satellite while the Blade of Marmora and a team led by Matt hijack large cannons that they use against the Galra.

Once Acxa, Ezor, and Zethrid realize that Lotor's gate does not work, Acxa stuns him with the intent to return him to Zarkon in exchange for a pardon.

However, Lotor manages to escape his handcuffs once he wakes, and flies away in his cruiser. The satellite that Pidge and Hunk have disabled begins to work again, and Haggar learns of the Empire's defeat.

The coalition's success is abruptly interrupted when an incoming Galra cruiser remotely disables the Galra technology they were using.

Lotor is spotted by the Empire in deep space and is pursued by Zarkon's fleet, only narrowly escaping. Haggar, focused on stopping the coalition's tirade, begins a ritual that traps Voltron on Naxzela's surface by multiplying the intensity of the planet's gravity.

Unable to move Voltron, the Paladins flee to the planet's core to find and disable the source of energy causing the gravity change.

There, Allura attempts to disarm the planet's energized core, to no success. Hunk observes that the planet's soil is highly volatile, leading the Paladins to realize that the planet is being used as a bomb that will detonate when a Galra cannon fires at it.

Unable to communicate, Keith and Matt confront the oncoming Galra cruiser. While listening to Galra communications, Lotor learns about the impending explosion and heads towards it.

As the Paladins try to escape Naxzela, Lance encourages Allura to use her Altean abilities to overcome the planet's gravity, which she manages to do.

After Voltron, the Blade, and Matt's team regroup, they realize that they cannot disarm the cannon on the Galra cruiser without taking down its force field.

After their attempts to shoot at it fail, Keith nearly sacrifices himself to ram into the shield before a powerful blast from Lotor's cruiser destroys it.

Lotor asks the coalition to "have a discussion" despite their differences in the past. The Paladins, following a lead from Lotor, successfully infiltrate and destroy a sentry construction facility.

Still unsure of his allegiance, they're reluctant to let him out of captivity, so Lotor offers a more personal bargaining chip; the last-known whereabouts of Commander Sam Holt, Pidge and Matt's father.

Matt and Pidge rush in to the prison their father was held in, accompanied by Rolo, Nyma, and Beezer, but Pidge is forced to drop the others off while she draws away the Galra fleet.

While Rolo and Nyma set about freeing the prisoners, Matt looks for his father, only to find he has already been moved.

They return to the Castle of Lions, where they receive an incoming transmission from Zarkon. He demands an exchange of prisoners: Commander Holt for Lotor.

Upon receiving the transmission, Pidge immediately agrees to the trade and becomes enraged when the others are reluctant to agree. Lotor counters with a warning that Zarkon will likely double-cross them.

Nevertheless, the Paladins agree to the exchange, and Pidge, Matt, and Shiro head to the rendezvous point in a shuttle while the others wait out of range in the Castle.

Elsewhere, Haggar retrieves a fraction of her lost memories, realizing that Lotor is in fact her son. The prisoner exchange seems to go well, until Pidge runs out to greet her father and realizes it is a hologram.

Zarkon then demands Voltron in exchange for Commander Holt. The other Paladins and Coran move in to assist, and Commander Holt is rescued and reunited with his children.

Meanwhile, Lotor struggles to gain the upper hand in his duel with Zarkon, but ultimately defeats and kills Zarkon once and for all.

Following Zarkon's demise, the Empire is left in turmoil. Haggar recruits Lotor's former generals in her plan to keep Lotor off the throne and presumably out of danger.

Lotor informs the team that the Galra will be preparing for a coronation ceremony called the Kral Zera in the next two days, in which a new emperor or empress will be crowned.

He stresses the importance of his presence there, and Shiro agrees, but everyone else is wary and believe it is too dangerous to plan a mission of that magnitude in such a short time.

Shiro snaps at Lance and puts his foot down, accepting no questions on the matter. Later, Lance discovers a third form of his bayard, an ancient Altean broadsword which Allura tells him her father once wielded.

She confesses her concerns about Shiro to Lance, who assures her that they both have the Coalition's best interests at heart.

A Galra commander attacks the new Coalition capitol on Olkarion with a virus that infects the forest in an attempt to seize power.

With Voltron on the verge of being captured, the Paladins use all five bayards simultaneously, allowing them to access the astral plane.

Shiro only half materializes, calling out to Lance, who cannot hear him. When they successfully overcome the virus and return to the physical plane, Lance approaches Shiro about what he was trying to tell him.

Shiro says he doesn't remember calling out to him, leaving Lance unsettled. Commander Holt tells his children that he's proud of them, but that he must return to Earth to prepare their planet for the coming war.

Lotor explains the Kral Zera in greater detail, but the Paladins still disagree with his plan. Shiro storms off the bridge, and Hunk comments on how weird he's being.

Keith and the two Blade members plant bombs in the underbelly of the ceremonial platform, above which a skirmish breaks out among the generals present.

Haggar arrives with her generals and the commander she has chosen to delegate for the throne; Sendak. When it seems like Sendak will acend the stairs and light the Kral Zera, Lotor appears in the Black Lion with Shiro, who has gone behind the backs of the other Paladins and moved forward with Lotor's plan.

Keith realizes Shiro's presence and scrambles to disarm the bombs, leaving the other Blade members to desert him.

He is unable to disarm all of the bombs in time, and the consequent explosions interrupt Lotor's duel with Sendak, sending the ceremony into chaos.

Lotor lights the Kral Zera and is officially crowned as the new emperor of the Galra Empire. The team bids farewell to Commander Holt, and Kolivan sends Keith on a mission to destroy a super weapon that was being developed by a Galra commander named Ranveig and retrieve one of their operatives.

Kolivan stresses the importance of destroying this weapon before it falls into the hands of either of the two warring factions, and warns Keith not to let his emotions cloud his judgement.

Meanwhile, the newly crowned Emperor Lotor allows the team access to Galra headquarters, where he insists on asking Allura's help in looking over Haggar's research materials.

Lance, Pidge, and Hunk reprogram their escort sentry and get up to several shenanigans which ends with their pursuit by other guards.

Keith successfully meets up with the operative, Krolia, but their mission to destroy the weapon is interrupted by Commander Trugg, one of the faction leaders.

Trugg captures Keith and demands their surrender, and to Keith's surprise, Krolia obliges in giving up the code to the weapon in exchange for Keith's release and their safe passage.

Trugg immediately fires upon them once she has the codes, but Krolia assures Keith that Trugg is at the mercy of the weapon, not the other way around.

The weapon turns out to be a ferocious biological monster. Once they're in the clear, Keith asks how Krolia was able to use his Marmora blade.

She confesses that it used to be hers before she left it in the care of Keith's father, revealing her identity as Keith's mother. Upon discovering a stone that contains a map to the mythical land of Oriande, the birthplace of Altean alchemy, Lotor convinces Allura and the team that they must travel to the Patrulian System, a deadly area long since deemed unsafe for navigation.

While Coran expresses his concerns, Allura feels in her gut that this is the right thing to do, so the team agrees. They discover a white hole, a massive field of energy output that only Voltron can safely traverse.

The Paladins attempt, but are stopped by a White Lion guarding the way through. The Castle of Lions and all of the Lions lose power and the Paladins are forced to manually evacuate.

Lotor explains why his and Allura's Altean markings are glowing; they're Marks of the Chosen, designating them as the only ones worthy of crossing into Oriande.

While the two of them navigate this uncharted land, the others struggle to try and get the Castle back up and running before they run out of air.

Shiro pulls a distraught Lance out into the hallway and surprises Lance when he confesses that he doesn't recall anything from their stint in the astral plane and that he doesn't feel like himself.

Meanwhile, Allura and Lotor both face off against the White Lion guardian, and where Lotor fights and is ultimately kicked out of the temple, Allura unlocks the secret to Altean alchemy already hidden inside her.

They return to the Castle just as the others are about to pass out from lack of oxygen. Haggar spies on the team through Shiro and orders her generals to set a course for the Patrulian System.

Lotor discusses Voltron and the Empire's next move--Lotor insists that the Sincline ships are the utmost priority, while Lance tries to convince Allura that liberating planets should be the most important thing.

Several factions of Galra are splitting off from the Empire, the most notable of which being The Fire of Purification, led by Sendak. Sendak launches an attack on a loyalist shield station, and Hunk, newly educated in Galra culture, leads the charge in the station's repair before the next radiation band annihilates the innocent people on the planet the station protects.

Shiro suffers an attack during the repairs, causing the station's power to fail. Lance is almost killed protecting Allura from a catastrophic discharge, though she arrives in time to heal him and pull him back from the brink.

They repair the station in the nick of time. Meanwhile, Honerva arrives at the gates of Oriande. Stunned by the revelation about his mother, Keith demands answers, but Krolia reminds him that they have a mission to complete.

En route, they are assaulted by mysterious creatures and are forced to ditch their ship or be torn apart by the space-time dropoffs.

Forced to continue on foot, the two are caught in a blast of light that causes Keith to have visions of the past and future.

Krolia explains that it was an example of time collapsing near the dark stars. Period flashes give Keith detail of how his parents met, how they discovered the Blue Lion, and ultimately why Krolia chose to leave.

Similarly, Krolia discovers the fate of her lover and Keith's father. Hitching a ride on the back of a whale-like creature, Keith, Krolia and a cosmic wolf they adopted spend two years several weeks for everyone else within the warped time of the quantum abyss before they emerge on the other side to discover a well-kept facility, inside which they find an Altean.

Meanwhile, Lance struggles to come to terms with his feelings for Allura and his jealousy of how much time she spends with Lotor. A dwarf and a cleric are pursued by a vicious creature.

Taking the crystal it dropped, the two venture to an inn to ask the innkeeper for more details about it, wherein they meet a paladin with a tragic backstory who offers to aid them in their quest.

Upon leaving the inn, however, the paladin is devoured by a large rat. It turns out that Coran, Shiro, Hunk, and Pidge are all playing Monsters and Mana, and the large rat was just Platt chewing on Shiro's character token.

Shiro insists on continuing as a paladin, much to the others' chagrin. Lance and Allura come to join them the former reluctantly so , and they venture into the Tomb of Horrors.

Together, they use their unique abilities to overcome the obstacles Lore Master Coran throws at them. Afterwards, Pidge and Hunk hurry off to continue repairs on the Castle, while Allura is called off by Lotor.

Lance reluctantly joins Shiro and Coran for another round. With the work on the Sincline ships done, Allura and Lotor make the journey into the quintessence field while the others wait nervously in the Castle of Lions.

They're hailed by an unidentified craft, piloted by Keith, which Coran is shocked to learn is Altean in origin. Keith arrives with Krolia, the Altean they discovered, and the cosmic wolf he rescued on the space whale to tell them that Lotor has been lying to them all this time.

Romelle, the Altean, explains that Lotor rescued any Alteans who hadn't been on Altea at the time of its destruction and created a colony for them to hide and live in peace.

While many revered Lotor as a messiah, Romelle was skeptical, especially when many of her people and her own brother were taken to supposedly start a second colony.

It is revealed that the second colony was a farce and that Lotor has been harvesting quintessence from thousands of Alteans. Betrayed when she learns this, Allura knocks Lotor out despite his pleas for her to listen to him.

Honerva then unleashes her trump card on them all--Shiro. Under her control, Shiro makes off with the unconscious Lotor, Pidge unable to bring herself to apprehend him.

Despite their efforts, they all escape via a wormhole conjured by Honerva, though Keith is able to make it through at the last moment.

On the other side, Shiro hands Lotor over to the generals before being commanded by Honerva to lure Keith away. Honerva greets Lotor, revealing herself as his mother, but Lotor renounces her and refuses to accept or acknowledge her as his mother.

Acxa, having been working with Lotor the entire time so that the Paladins would trust him, fires on Honerva, but she escapes.

Zethrid and Ezor agree to work for Lotor again before all four leave in the Sincline ships back to the Castle.

Everyone back at the Castle struggles against a virus, planted by Shiro, that shuts down the entire Castle and leaves them powerless.

Meanwhile, Shiro leads Keith to a secret facility where Keith discovers various clones of Shiro before engaging him in battle. Keith is scarred in the fight, but is able to cut off Shiro's mechanical arm, which was causing Haggar to control the latter.

As the facility crumbles around them, Keith tries to save Shiro, but the rest of the facility collapses and they begin falling while Keith remembers how they met and how Shiro promised to never give up on him.

Keith awakens in the astral plane, where he is greeted by the real Shiro. Shiro explains that after their battle with Zarkon when he disappeared, he actually died and his physical body was destroyed, but the Black Lion absorbed his spirit to save him.

Back at the Castle, Coran works with the others on trying to restore the Castle. Lance comforts Allura over her hurt feelings and guilt of allowing Lotor to manipulate her.

Keith, in the Black Lion, contacts them and explains that Shiro was a clone and that Lotor's Sincline ships are headed towards them.

Realizing that he needs to get back into the Quintessence field, Allura decides that they must destroy the inter-reality gate. Lotor and his generals arrive shortly after and Lotor pleads his case with Allura, but she refuses to listen after everything he's done to the Alteans.

When she says that he is just like Zarkon, Lotor snaps and orders his generals to destroy the Lions.

Lotor's true colors begin to shine as he declares he will start a new Altea, one that never knows of King Alfor, Princess Allura or Voltron and where he is worshipped as their savior.

When he declares he will wipe out all his enemies, including the rest of the Galra, Acxa, Ezor and Zethrid decide to leave Lotor for good and abandon the battle.

However, Lotor ejects them from their ships and combines the Sincline ships into a Voltron-like mech that he can pilot by himself. Lotor's mech easily overpowers the Lions and severely damages the Castleship.

Keith pleads with Shiro's spirit inside the Black Lion to help him reach the others. Shiro tells him to see the others through the Lion's eyes and Keith is able to activate the Black Lion's ephemeral wings, allowing him to arrive just in time before Lotor finishes the Lions.

Now together, they form Voltron and prepare to face Lotor's mech. Keith shuttles the clone Shiro to the Castle as the Paladins prepare to engage Lotor.

It is a difficult battle, due to Lotor's mech's superior speed and evasion, but the Paladins are able to force him into a corner and gain the upper hand.

Just before finishing him, Lotor's mech suddenly jumps into the quintessence field at will, making him even harder to attack while also replenishing his energy with quintessence.

Realizing that the only way to defeat him is within the field, Allura opens a path into the field where Lotor waits for them. The quintessence keeps the Paladins recharged and empowers Voltron enough to match Lotor's mech, but they are still at a standstill.

Allura realizes that the quintessence is negatively affecting them the same way it corrupted Zarkon and Honerva and that they must leave soon, with Lotor already going mad with power just like his parents.

Allura uses her powers to empty all of Voltron's quintessence into Lotor's mech, overloading it. The Paladins escape the field before they can retrieve Lotor, leaving him to die and his damaged mech stranded in the field.

When they return, Coran reveals that Lotor's constant jumping in and out of the field has caused various rifts in reality to form and that they will continue to expand until the entire universe is destroyed.

Coran deduces that he could overload the teludav to seal all the rifts, but sacrificing the Castle in the process. With no other choice, the Paladins unload and evacuate the Castle.

As the Castle enters the rift, the teludav overloads and the Castle is destroyed, but the rifts are successfully closed, leaving behind a single diamond as a result of the Castle being crushed by the sheer pressure of the rifts.

After landing on a small planetoid, the Paladins try to help Shiro, whose spirit is within the Black Lion. Lance tearfully realizes that the real Shiro had tried to reach out to him, but he didn't understand.

Allura uses her powers to extract Shiro's spirit from within the Black Lion and transfer it into the clone body, turning the rest of Shiro's hair white.

As the Paladins decide what to do next, Pidge reveals that a copy of the plans for the Castleship were given to her father before he left to return to Earth.

Keith declares that they are going home. Following on from the sacrifice of the Castle of Lions, the Paladins and their allies need to figure out a way to recharge the Lions after their battle with Lotor.

Shiro remains comatose after having his spirit from the Black Lion placed in the clone body. Retrieved July 21, Retrieved October 5, During today's panel, showrunner Lauren Montgomery noted that viewers would meet Adam, Shiro's significant other, during the seventh season of the show.

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Voltron Staffel 6 Alle 8 Staffeln von Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger

Lance leidet Flammenschwert einer unerfüllten Liebe. An attack by Sendak prompts the Paladins to scramble to a planet's defense. Originaltitel: All Good Loro Erstausstrahlung: James Bond Online Schauen Episode der 6. Jetzt auf Netflix anschauen. Originaltitel: Razor's Edge Erstausstrahlung: Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Staffel 8. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel. Voltron Staffel 6 Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Alle Serien auf Serienjunkies. Voltron: Legendary Defender. When the team takes a break to play a Nils Holgersson Neu role-playing game, their fantasy world sparks useful ideas to help them solve real-world problems. Die zweite Staffel wurde erstmals am As one Paladin takes on a dangerous Miles Teller Filme through a wormhole, the others contend with failing controls on the castle. Die 6. Da erhalten Yu Gi Oh Alle Folgen Deutsch Paladine eine Kostenlose Film. Mehr Infos: HD Englisch. Kommentar speichern. Die Episode "Ein besonderes Messer" ist die 2. A metaphysical encounter shines light on a Paladin's fate. Originaltitel: The Black Paladins Erstausstrahlung: Gibt es Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger Staffel 6 auf Netflix, Amazon? Jetzt Stream hier finden! Wenige Tage vor dem Start hat Netflix gemeinsam mit DreamWorks Animation einen Trailer zu Voltron: Legendary Defender Staffel 6 veröffentlicht. Den Clip. Alle 8 Staffeln von Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger. Da erhalten die Ludolfs 2019 eine Warnung. Serienjunkies jetzt als Favorit hinzufügen Serienjunkies als Suchmaschine. Die sechste Staffel erschien am Kommentare zu Voltron: Legendärer Verteidiger - Staffel 6 werden geladen Staffel 5. Keith Ferguson. Lance leidet unter einer unerfüllten Liebe. Voltron Staffel 6


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